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VIDEO - ANIME - OUTLAW STAR - EPISODE 1 - OUTLAW - Those in love with all things Japan [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Those who love Japan and can't get enough.

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VIDEO - ANIME - OUTLAW STAR - EPISODE 1 - OUTLAW [Apr. 16th, 2008|08:42 pm]
Those who love Japan and can't get enough.


[きぶん |workingworking]

Another classic anime that came on Toonami. I loved Outlaw Star, and if I couldn't get home in time to see it I would catch it on Toonami Midnight Run. Gene is awesome! He's funny and smart and I had a big anime cruch on him....(I never noticed back then but I was a total fan girl). I LOVE outlaw star's OST. Hiru no Tsuki(Daytime Moon) and Tsuki no Ie (House of the moon). And through the night was catch as hell. A GOOD classic anime.Toonami had to edit it for odvious reasons but these downloads are uncut!

The episode starts with Gene and Jim are hired by "Rachel" to protect and escort her as she services farm equipment.After Gene gets in a bar fight with "death Rob" and then spent some money on a erotic "night on the town".They are attacked by Guild pirates they learn Rachel is really Hilda, a pirate in search of treasure. And Gene and Jim are now in the middle of it. After the pursuing pirates are defeated, Hilda shoots Gene and forces Jim to fetch a large container. Gene then reappears and seizes control of the situation; the bullet from Hilda's gun was stopped by a PDA in his pocket. The container is opened, revealing a naked girl named Melfina who is the key to a treasure worth more then gold.


*NOTE THIS IS THE ENGLISH DUBBED VERSION.(It may be dubbed but it is UNEDITED, there will be cusing and adult themes. This is not the version shown on Toonami.) I KNOW SOME OF YOU CANNOT STAND THE DUBBED VERSION. PLEASE DON'T COMMENT COMPLAINING. Thanks!


For more information including the track list and the link to the download click the cut*after one day all posts will be members only, this is to prevent leechers*

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