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YES! A community devoted to everything about Japan!!!
Do you have an interest in Japanese culture? If so, then you should join!!!

You can share your experiences and interests about Japan here!

1. Keep posts on topic! Anything Japan related is welcome, even if it's only mildly interesting.

2. It'd be nice for new members to post an introductory post telling us about themselves, and why they love Japan so much. (this is not required)

3. Be respectful to ALL users. Any trolling or nonsense of any type will not be tolerated and can result in being permenately banned. You will recieve one warning before being banned.

4. Put any large images or entries behind a LJ cut, please.

5. Bigotry and/or ignorance is not tolerated. Racism of any type will result in an instant ban with no warning. Also, please do not use the term "Jap" as it is offensive and very derogatory.

6. If you'd like to advertise/promote a community in here, make sure it is somehow Japan/Asian/Culture related. Promoting this community would also be greatly appreciated.

That should be good for rules ^__^

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Sakura Blossoms are Beautiful Love